How to Kill a Language: The Death of Yoruba

First, you colonize its speakers.

Second, you re-educate their offspring.

Third, you engender a language shift amongst their offspring’s offspring.

Fourth, you break their Spirits.

Writer’s Note

  • This post was inspired by a tweet from Kola Tubosun wherein he stated to have heard a Yoruba recording from the 1920s and how it was so much different from the one we currently speak. Our parents can read, write and speak Yoruba, we their children can read, write and speak Yoruba to an extent. Our children hear or will hear Yoruba but will barely be able to speak, read or write the language. Their children will be able to do none of those and this I tell you, is the saddest sadness of all.
  • Yoruba as used in this post is metaphor for indigenous Nigerian Languages.

Honestly, I’m just ranting…

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Oluwafemi Ojosu

Oluwafemi Ojosu

Honestly, I’m just ranting…

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